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Personal Protection Dogs

Many people think about getting a personal protection dog to protect them and their family. A personal protection dog is something that people think of getting if they have been a victim of a crime or just have a fear of being a victim of a crime, such as a burglary or personal attack. Attacks, robberies and burglaries are something that unfortunately is more common nowadays, so a personal protection dog can be a perfect deterrent to unwanted visitors in the home or street.

A personal protection dog will have received intensive training, they will be able to cover basic commands such as sit, stay, down and recall when required. The dog will be trained to protect you and your family and attack if needed, but should also be a well behaved and loved family pet.

You should get a full handover with a personal protection dog, this can take anything up to a couple of days as the trainer will want to ensure you are comfortable with your new companion, you should have been in constant contact throughout its training once you had decided this was the dog for you.

Prices can vary greatly when buying a personal protection dog, they can range from £6000 to £35,000 dependent on obviously the breed of dog, the quality and standard of training and how much the trainer charges for their services.

There is a difference between a guard dog and a

Personal protection dog

Personal protection dog

, a guard dog maintains their duties alone whereas a protection dog will work on command from their owner.


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