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Refurbished Laptops

If you are looking to save money but need a new laptop or computer, buying a refurbished laptop could be the way forward!


A refurbished laptop can mean different things to different companies, but generally, it means:

  1. The laptop was returned with a defect, this would now be repaired and sold.
  2. The item was returned as it was not what the buyer wanted
  3. The item was returned before even opening it as the buyer changed their mind.

Refurbished laptops are much cheaper than brand new laptops, you really can get some great deals if you shop around. You may find they have shorter warranties so do your research before you buy.

If you buy from a reputable company you could bag yourself a real bargain with a decent warranty, a refurbished laptop can easily last you as long as a new one would if you buy from the right company and you get the right product.

A refurbished laptop will be sold directly from a manufacturer, retailer or are a seller. They should look as good as new or if not, they will be graded by quality (grade A, B or C). A refurbished laptop will be more expensive than a second hand one, as the laptops will have been checked and repaired by professionals to ensure they’re in full working order and good condition physically. You should always get some type of warranty as it is being sold to you by a professional retailer.

The refurbished laptop grade that we mentioned earlier are broken down below:


Grade A Refurbished Laptops


Grade A is as good as new, this will normally be reserved for products that have literally been opened and then put back in their box. Visibly it should be flawless, there should be no dents, scuffs or scratches.


Grade B Refurbished Laptops


Grade B laptops will look used, any damage though is purely aesthetic, there may be a few minor scratches or a very small dent. It may not even come with a box or its charger but should be supplied with some sort of charger (even if it’s not the original one)


Grade C Refurbished Laptops 


Grade C laptops will visibly be more used than grade B, there will most probably be dents and scratches, but it should still be invisible working order. Again, it may not come in a box or have its original charger, but you should still be supplied with a compatible charger.

Refurbished Laptop

Refurbished Laptop



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