Personal Protection Dogs

Many people think about getting a personal protection dog to protect them and their family. A personal protection dog is something that people think of getting if they have been a victim of a crime or just have a fear of being a victim of a crime, such as a burglary or personal attack. Attacks, robberies and burglaries are something that unfortunately is more common nowadays, so a personal protection dog can be a perfect deterrent to unwanted visitors in the home or street.

A personal protection dog will have received intensive training, they will be able to cover basic commands such as sit, stay, down and recall when required. The dog will be trained to protect you and your family and attack if needed, but should also be a well behaved and loved family pet.

You should get a full handover with a personal protection dog, this can take anything up to a couple of days as the trainer will want to ensure you are comfortable with your new companion, you should have been in constant contact throughout its training once you had decided this was the dog for you.

Prices can vary greatly when buying a personal protection dog, they can range from £6000 to £35,000 dependent on obviously the breed of dog, the quality and standard of training and how much the trainer charges for their services.

There is a difference between a guard dog and a

Personal protection dog

Personal protection dog

, a guard dog maintains their duties alone whereas a protection dog will work on command from their owner.


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Refurbished Laptops

If you are looking to save money but need a new laptop or computer, buying a refurbished laptop could be the way forward!


A refurbished laptop can mean different things to different companies, but generally, it means:

  1. The laptop was returned with a defect, this would now be repaired and sold.
  2. The item was returned as it was not what the buyer wanted
  3. The item was returned before even opening it as the buyer changed their mind.

Refurbished laptops are much cheaper than brand new laptops, you really can get some great deals if you shop around. You may find they have shorter warranties so do your research before you buy.

If you buy from a reputable company you could bag yourself a real bargain with a decent warranty, a refurbished laptop can easily last you as long as a new one would if you buy from the right company and you get the right product.

A refurbished laptop will be sold directly from a manufacturer, retailer or are a seller. They should look as good as new or if not, they will be graded by quality (grade A, B or C). A refurbished laptop will be more expensive than a second hand one, as the laptops will have been checked and repaired by professionals to ensure they’re in full working order and good condition physically. You should always get some type of warranty as it is being sold to you by a professional retailer.

The refurbished laptop grade that we mentioned earlier are broken down below:


Grade A Refurbished Laptops


Grade A is as good as new, this will normally be reserved for products that have literally been opened and then put back in their box. Visibly it should be flawless, there should be no dents, scuffs or scratches.


Grade B Refurbished Laptops


Grade B laptops will look used, any damage though is purely aesthetic, there may be a few minor scratches or a very small dent. It may not even come with a box or its charger but should be supplied with some sort of charger (even if it’s not the original one)


Grade C Refurbished Laptops 


Grade C laptops will visibly be more used than grade B, there will most probably be dents and scratches, but it should still be invisible working order. Again, it may not come in a box or have its original charger, but you should still be supplied with a compatible charger.

Refurbished Laptop

Refurbished Laptop



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Prestige Car Hire Birmingham

The Best Prestige Car Hire Birmingham

Prestige car hire Birmingham services to give you an allowance to get the taste of being famous and rich for an afternoon. They are perfect for weddings as well as other special events. Limousines are usually status symbols for celebrities, but now they can be accessible to anybody through many prestige car hire Birmingham services. On your day of the wedding, a limo or prestige care is the best way to arrive at your site of ceremony or your reception site in style. If you want to incorporate luxury hires cars as part of the day of your wedding, you have several different designs to choose from and prestige car hire Birmingham companies.


Prestige Car Hire Birmingham

Prestige Car Hire Birmingham for Weddings

Weddings are perfect occasions to hire a limo or prestige car hire across Birmingham and the UK. In case there’s any time in life when you want to have a celebrity feeling it will be on your special wedding’s moments. Using a prestige car hire Birmingham company will rise your wedding budget slightly, but it will be well worth it when you do not have to worry about transportation on your big day. Limos and prestige cars are also ideal for weddings because they give the bridal party enough room to move from one location to the other travelling in luxury and comfort. Considering the size of numerous wedding dresses, the last thing a bride wants to do is crowding into the car back and ruining her dress. Just imagine the ease of less worrying about the driver of the car and how to get from place to place with an elegant range rover or lime. Now, you can see the reason why a lot of people getting married choose to hire a limo and go to prestige car hire Birmingham companies.

Getting the Right Prestige Car Hire Birmingham

Several years ago, choosing a limo had only very limited choices. The options across many prestige car hire Birmingham services were between a black limo and a white limo. However, as time has changed, and technology has improved car manufacturers have filled the market with a plethora of different decision that makes choosing the best limo or prestige car an immersive experience with car hire companies having a large fleet of vehicles at their disposal. In the case, you want to go for the classic look, classic style limos and vintage vehicles are still available. Still, these limos are the extended car that seats anywhere from 8 people to 12 people meaning you can choose the ideal prestige car hire Birmingham that will compliment your wedding perfectly.

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Finishing Off Floorings

Screeding a floor in preparation

Before the final floor of a building is installed, a screed floor has to be installed first. The floor screeding is a process that involves applying a mixture of cement, sand and water to a floor base before installing the final floor finish. It is a well-blended mixture that is applied to the floor to form a sturdy sub-floor that is capable of taking on the final floor finish properly.

Benefits of using screed for floors

Floor durability: The flooring materials installed after the screed floor usually last for a longer period of time. The underlying layer protects them against moisture and other factors that may cause degradation. floor screeding imageAdditionally, the floor screed reduces the friction on the underside of the final flooring material resulting in a longer ‘shelf life’.

Comfortable flooring: Research shows that it is more comfortable to walk on a floor where a floor screed was installed. The screed mixture gives the final floor finish a certain level of elasticity that creates a spongy effect on the final finish. The benefits are realized when a floating floor screed is used.

Heat insulation: Screeding helps to increase the insulation capacity of the floor. The room remains warm as the screed absorbs heat and gives it off when the temperature goes down. An added benefit may be the heating bills are significantly might reduce when you install a screed floor. There are special screeding materials with low thermal mass for enhanced and improved energy efficiency.

How to screed a floor

Floor screeding is a procedural activity. Installing a screed floor involves the following steps

  1. Clean the floor on where to install the screed floor. Remove any dust or dirt available. Mark the area to screed with a duct tape to be accurate.
  2. Apply the screed on the floor. Screeding floor should begin from the corner of the room working toward the door so as to avoid stepping on the screed floor. The screed may be bonded to the floor directly or put as a floating finish if the floor is to contain underfloor heating pipes. The thickness of the screed floor varies depending on whether the floor is unbounded or floating finish. ensure that you level the floor as you screed.
  3. Allow the floor to compound completely before stepping on it.

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